Friday, June 8, 2007


Bus to DC is sold out. Please email for carpool information. No promises! Hope to see you there!

Mt. Airy Location


The meeting spot for the bus leaving from Mt. Airy is the Henry School at Greene St. and Carpenter Lane

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hey Philly! End Israeli Aparthied! All out for June 10

The World Says No to Israeli Occupation!
PLEASE EMAIL for carpool information.

Hope to see you there!

Important Updates on Philadelphia Mobilizing Efforts

1. Local events to build support for demonstration and end Israeli Apartheid
-Film Screening: The Iron Wall, Friday, June 1
-SUSTAIN Fundraiser Party, benefit for Needle in the Groove,
Friday June 8
2. Buy your Bus Tickets Now! Going Fast! SOLD OUT
3. Volunteers Needed for June 10-11
4. Help with Outreach!
5. Speakers for Rally Announced
6. Other logistics/Interested in lobby day?
7. Take Action Now! Support Philadelphia Palestinian-American
Author, book censored in NYC


The A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave, W. Philly Light Refreshments Free!
Donations appreciated
Co-sponsored by SUSTAIN & Philly Anti-War Forum
More info:

Friday June 8 8PM- late
4707 Hazel Ave, West Philly

Featuring DJ Alex Smith $5 donation to benefit Needle in the Groove in
the Groove, a music/ quilting summer camp for Palestinian girls Come party and help us raise money
for this amazing camp in Palestine.


Bus tickets cost $25-$50 sliding scale.

You MUST buy your ticket ahead of time, no ticket sales will be made
the day of the event Tickets are available:

* Online through PayPal (see above)
* Robins Books, 108 S. 13th Street
* The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1213 Race Street

A bus will be leaving 9:30am and returning the evening of the 10th
from the parking lot next to the A Space at 4722 Baltimore

The same bus will leave Mt. Airy at 9am. Stay tuned for details on
where to meet.

3. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We still need dozens of volunteers to help make
this mobilization a success. Everyone who volunteers to help out will
receive free admission to the June 10th cultural event. Tasks include
Set-Up, Metro and Bus Greeters, Fundraising, Security/Marshall, Legal
observers and general volunteers. Contact Omar Masri at


With more than 250 local groups and national organizations having
already endorsed the call for the June 10/11 mobilization in
Washington, DC we know that word is getting out. But we also know
that there is still a lot of work to do to help make this the most
powerful statement possible. Put simply, the more people who
participate the stronger the statement will be.

Experience has shown that many people make their decisions about
coming to a national march in the few weeks right before the event,
sometimes even in the last few days. Now is the time to pull out all
of the stops and make that full court is the time to use
all of the resources we have to get the word out and bring people to
Washington. Remember, what you do these next two weeks will be the
most important factor in the turn out for the mobilization!

We need help hanging posters and passing out postcards. If you can
hang a poster in a school, workplace, restaurant or coffee shop,
please email

5. SPEAKERS AND EMCEES have been announced! Check out


For additional logistical information, check out

Also, if there is a critical mass of people interested in staying for
the lobby day on June 11, and needing transportation, we will consider
organizing a van. Please email if this is
something you would be interested in.

Take Action Now!
Call 718-224-1083 or emails to to express concern the
event was minimized

(NEW YORK, NY, 5/21/07) -

The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
(CAIR-NY) today expressed concern about an apparent attempt to block a
reading by a Palestinian author at a bookstore in that state.

CAIR-NY has contacted Barnes & Noble about this issue. A news release
issued today by the author's agent stated:

"The previously announced book reading and signing of THE SCAR OF
DAVID by Susan Abulhawa originally scheduled for Thursday, May 24,
2007, at 7:30 p.m. at the Bayside, N.Y., Barnes & Noble has been
reduced to a "book signing" with no reading to occur.

"In explaining its reasoning, Barnes & Noble expressed several
concerns including 'sensitivity' to the Jewish Community, space
limitations of the store and the author's safety. Prior to the event
at Barnes & Noble, Ms. Abulhawa is also expected to appear at
Kingsboro Community College (Brooklyn - 4:15-5PM) where THE SCAR OF
DAVID was required reading in a literature course this semester.

"The Scar of David is a work of historic fiction which reveals the
untold brutal history of Israel's Occupation of a nation as also
depicted by the recently released PALESTINE, Peace Not Apartheid by
former USA President Jimmy Carter.

Set in the lap of one of the 20th century's most intractable political
conflicts, through the course of this story, a Palestinian boy grows
up as a Jewish Israeli, tangled in a truth he cannot reconcile, a
would-be suicide bomber is given a name, a face, and life of a man
pushed to grave limits, an Arab girl of pious and humble beginnings
lives the 'American Dream,' and a nation of destitute refugees is
forced to live under the general label of 'terrorists.' A review by
Library Journal states: 'While some readers might see this novel as
anti-Semitic, it is not. Indeed, Abulhawa goes to great lengths to
highlight the universal desire of all people for a homeland.
Furthermore, Abulhawa's compassion for American victims of 9/11 and
for those who suffered in the Holocaust illuminates what it means to
be humane and spiritually generous. The Pennsylvania-based Abulhawa,
herself Palestinian, has crafted an intensely beautiful fictionalized
history that should be read by both politicians and those interested
in contemporary politics.

More reviews and a synopsis of THE SCAR OF DAVID may be found at
More on Playgrounds for Palestine here:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bus Information

Bus information:
Bus tickets cost $25-$50 sliding scale
You MUST buy your ticket ahead of time, no ticket sales will be made the day of the event

Tickets are available:

* Online at
* Robins Books, 108 S. 13th Street
* The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1213 Race Street

Bus will have two pickup locations:

Mt. Airy/Germantown: Location TBA. Arrive at 8:45am

West Philly: parking lot next to the A Space at 4722 Baltimore
Arrive at 9:30am

Bus will return on the evening of June 10 no later than 10pm. [Will leave DC at 6:30]

We will possibly organize a van for the June 11 lobby day. If you are interested, please email to confirm.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Philadelphia Out for June 10-11!

The World Says No to Israeli Occupation!
Washington DC, June 10-11
Join the Philadelphia Contingent!

On the 40th anniversary of Israel's illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem, join concerned Philadelphians in Washington, DC, June 10-11, 2007 for a protest, teach-in, and lobby day.

Busses will be leaving from neighborhoods all over Philadelphia.

For Bus details, publicity posters, postcards or other information contact:

Right now, billions of dollars each year go from U.S. taxpayers to the Israeli military, funding the destruction of Palestinian homes, agriculture, and infrastructure. At the same time, people in the U.S. -- including in Philadelphia -- face crises around health-care, housing, and education. Federal taxes need to come home to support our cities instead of a militarized, racist foreign policy in Palestine, Iraq, and around the world.

We in the United States have a special obligation to protest Israel's illegal military occupation because it is our government that provides Israel with the uncritical military, economic, diplomatic, and corporate support that it needs to sustain and expand its control of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.

And Israel's human rights violations of the Palestinian people are not limited to the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Both in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Palestinians are subjected to a system of apartheid. Inside Israel, Palestinian citizens are discriminated against and cannot exercise their full rights as citizens. And Israel continues to deny Palestinian refugees, who were forcibly exiled from their homeland during Israel's establishment, their internationally guaranteed right of return.